Info: Dan Frederiksen

Born in Aalborg, Denmark in september 1975.

1995 Graduate Aalborg Gymnasium, math line

1997 Incomplete study of computer science and physics, Aarhus university

2001 Graduate, Datamatiker, Business College

2003 Graduate B.Sc. Computer Science, Aalborg University

1994-2010 Self employed doing Architectural visualization computer graphics (

Work in computer science includes neural net based commercial system for automated reading of old printed sheet music (OCR) for professor Finn Hansen at university of Aalborg.


Partial list of my work or personal projects:

Scanned Sheet music next to the recognized symbolsOCR for Sheet music. For a music editing suite developed under the leadership of professor Finn Hansen at the university of Aalborg, it was desired to have an OCR for sheet music to digitize a large collection of sheet music from a time where the printing was done by hand stamps and subject to flaws and variation. The project had been going for a couple of years when I offered to give it a shot and I completed a working system in 3 months with high 90s hit rate. The system is size and illumination invariant as well as minor rotational tolerance.
3 legged spider showing off learned skillReinforcement learning of robotic motor skills in continuously valued state space. The only task of the learning was to maintain the central body above the ground in an attempt to have it learn entirely on its own to dynamically get a footing and attain stable pose. No criteria for grace or energy consumption. The video shows 5 second exhibition intervals of learned skill under varying starting conditions. The neural net, the RL learning scheme, the physics engine and the 3D interface is done from scratch in C++ and direct 3D. My C++ neural net implementation
example renderingGlobal illumination renderer and editor. Autodesk products, which have the biggest market share in computer graphics by far, are priced after the 'what we can get away with' principle so I slowly began programming my own a while back and it has recently (summer 09) turned into a near full featured GI renderer with BSP for speed up. With a clean editor targeted for the architectural subset of modelling tools and nice integration and ease of use it could be quite useful to many. Especially at a 99$ price tag.
DC controlller circuit diagramOpen source DC motor controller for electric cars . After becoming interested in electric cars as a key part of the solution to global warming in 2006 I later became dismayed with the prices of the power electronics module for electric cars compared to the cost of the components that went in them. Often a factor 10 markup so I started designing one and came up with a clean design in september 2007 sparring with a few others like Ian Hooper. It's an entry level 350V 200A (little under 100HP) design that I believe would work but before I would build it I realized converting existing cars to electric drive wouldn't solve their overweight and poor aerodynamics problems which add greatly to the cost of battery, motor and electronics so I started to design my ultra light concept the Freeranger. I might return to controller design and build and test a prototype.
DIY CNC cutting CPU water cooling head tops3 Axis DIY CNC Mill. Because of limited funds and relatively high prices of commercially available small 3 axis CNC mills, and to some real extent as a technical exercise, I decided to design and make a 50x50x10cm work area mill. It's based entirely on square steel tubing, 30mm for the base table and 20mm for the rest, threaded rods through nuts for the actuation and inexpensive roller skate bearings on 8mm bolts as the confining bearings for the slides. The spindle is an inexpensive wood router fitted with HSS actual mill bits for the cutting. Because it has no pretensioned screw nuts it has about .5mm play and the spindle is too fast and weak to mill steel but it works quite well in wood, plastic and even aluminium.
Christianity. My finest achievement so far, to become christian by inviting Jesus into my life and meaning it. It has allowed me to see many aspects of life that I never expected to be real including a certainty that we are spiritual beings as opposed to the electrochemical machines the world tells us that we are. It simply follows from the fact that a robot that screams when its hand is burned, did not feel any pain, it didn't need to nor could it ever. Many would argue that pain and fear are merely evolutionary traits to keep us out of danger but while that sounds reasonable it is simple not true. A robot can run away from a dangerous situation as a computational reaction to an assessment of the situation. No sensation is required in a machine to motivate it, whether it is semiconductor based or electrochemical. It also means evolution did not make us, however hard that can be to accept at this stage in our culture's development. But logic dictates it.
I am on a path of continual self improvement as a result of my choice to become christian and that includes secular spin offs like trying to avert global warming through more efficient energy use like lighter, more aerodynamic electric cars. As better stewards of this planet.


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